An egg dealer who understands retailers and poultry farmers.

As a retailer, you are confronted with a fascinating challenge. How to manage to attract a customer to your store? How to keep him coming to your store? And how are you able to maximize the efficiency and yield of your organization?

As a supplier of fresh eggs we are closely involved in this challenge. If it is up to us, your shelves are filled with a variety of eggs throughout the year. Eggs for the price-conscious consumer and for the connoisseur. Barn, free range and organic eggs which taste morish to everyone. Laid today, delivered to your DC tomorrow, in your shelves the day after tomorrow and served in a couple of days. You can count on us. Together with our dedicated poultry farmers we guarantee the delivery of high-quality eggs. A fascinating teamwork.

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Van Zetten Egg Dealers.

We would like to be a reliable partner for retailers at home and abroad. And this is exactly the way in which medium-sized and large buyers and store chains perceive us.

Our approach is characterized by the culture of a concerned family firm. What started once as a small enterprise became a professional player, although we are still closely involved with every customer.

Our history dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the great-grandfather of current owner Roel van Zetten founded the company. He visited markets in the neighbourhood with boxes full of eggs, laid by hens in his own stables. During a large period of time, production and trading grew simultaneously. We still own some stables; we still manage the chain of laying hen till consumer. There is just one difference: the most important concern is now to serve the need of the consumer. Van Zetten Egg Dealers does not sell what is produced, but produces what is asked for. Fresh, responsibly produced eggs, with a history of several days at the most…