Attention for human beings, environment and animals.

An egg which the consumer enjoys. That is what you want to see in the shelves. But for us – and luckily for more consumers nowadays too – it is not all the same how an egg is produced. Quality, taste, profitability and efficiency are not the only criteria. As a family firm, we pay a lot of attention to human beings, environment and animal in our business management.

Human beings

We would like to create a labour ambiance which is safe and human-friendly. We leave the heavy and repeating actions to robots as much as possible. But not only our co-workers deserve our attention. We consciously buy only chicken food that is composed of GMO-free raw materials. Moreover, as a firm, we have financially adopted five children from Colombia, in order to give them a better future. Since April 2013 we are also a member of RegioOndernemers Neder-Betuwe (a regional project). This organization supports a food safety project in Burkina Faso for the long-term.


We try to spare the environment in all possible ways. That is why in 2005 we already introduced synthetic trays, which can be re-used, somewhat later followed by synthetic pallets. Some of our poultry farmers even generate electricity with help from solar panels. More and more supplying firms share our vision and install fine dust filter systems in order to restrict the emission of ammonia and fine dust. Moreover, waste is accurately separated at the poultry farmer as well as in our packing station.


For decades, the cage holding was the most common shelter system. But since 1999 we already removed cage eggs from our supplier program. Since then we exclusively deliver eggs produced in organic, free range or barn stables. Stables in which animal welfare is guaranteed.